Delivering great learning experiences online

Are you currently getting your curriculum ready for online delivery next academic year? Looking for some helpful hints on how to engage your students?

As part of Pearson’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak and its impact on teaching and learning, calling on our in-house expertise in learning design we put together some useful tips and tricks to help you create really engaging learning activities online for students in our latest blog series:

Moving to deliver your course online

Utilising online communication tools

Recommended weekly engagement

Encouraging your learners to engage online

Creating online content quickly

Fundamentals of accessible content

Planning engaging live sessions

Delivering engaging live sessions

Planning online group work

Planning online peer review

Moving your assessments online

Using feedback to engage online

Supporting transition to online study

We also conducted interviews with 5 academics from 5 institutions, who shared their experience of how Covid-19 has impacted their teaching and share some ideas on how to create engaging online experiences. 

Helping Educators Support Students Online: Part 1

Helping Educators Support Students Online: Part 2

Using Pearson Digital Courseware to support your students online

Learning Without Limits: Pearson helping you support your students online 

The Higher Education community has responded remarkably throughout the disruption of the past few months to ensure the continuation of learning and support for students.

As you plan for the next academic year, delivering the high-quality provision your students expect – regardless of their physical location – will be key to the success of every course.

Such unprecedented events call for fully supported, scalable action that can be implemented swiftly, yet is high-quality, affordable and sustainable for the long term.

Through our suite of online support, Learning Without Limits, we can help you satisfy all students as they seek value for money entering into a study experience they hadn’t envisaged, and nurture each of them through their individual study and assessment milestones. To find out more join our community and our Learning Without Limits group here

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