Welcome to HE Innovate – Getting Started

Welcome to HE Innovate – a new online community for sharing good practice of innovation in teaching and learning in Higher Education . 

At Pearson, we are committed to transforming the lives of learners at all stages of their education; equipping them with the skills and knowledge that they will need to succeed in the future. We recognise that great learning experiences happen through innovation, collaboration and good practice. 

In 2019, we conducted some research with academics in the sector to ascertain:

  • Is there a need for a community that shares innovative practice in teaching and learning?
  • How does it have to differ from what is out there already?
  • What does it need to do in order to be engaging?
  • How should it be governed?
  • What does it need to do to succeed?

Through conducting focus groups and surveys with our existing customer base, the findings were as follows:

  • The community should offer something different to what is out there already. Specifically, it should offer useful guidance and advice that is practical, not technical or theoretical and underpinned with evidence i.e. how do I implement a classroom response system from start to finish?
  • Its direction should be governed by its members and supported by Pearson
  • Deliver sound academic insights and outputs
  • Should not be too broad in its objectives and be all things to all people i.e. focus on what expertise Pearson can offer to it’s community.

Why do this?

  • To share our expertise in online assessment, digital curriculum design and innovative pedagogy to enhance teaching and learning in sector
  • Help connect users of our products and services to offer evidence and experience led implementation of our products and services
  • Glean insight from our members to ensure our roadmap for technology, services and expertise is pertinent to needs of the sector.
  • Create opportunities for sector-wide collaboration on innovative projects and research. 

How do I engage with HE Innovate? (Orientation)

We have developed the community to address the needs highlighted from the research. We recognise that the key to engagement is content and lots of it!

Keep abreast of useful articles written by members of the community, our Academic Lead – Paula Shaw and by our in house experts via the News page

Book on to useful upcoming events via our Events page

Join the community – for best experience we recommend signing up to join specific interest groups that include (but not limited to:

Learning Without Limits – our central group for helping educators adapt and enhance their curriculum for supporting students remotely

MyLab, Mastering and Revel User groups – for existing customers or academics thinking about using our digital courseware in their teaching. Here you will find useful case studies, implementation documentation, videos and connect with other users and Pearson experts if you are looking for guidance on how to use various features. We will also regularly post updates from our product team on upcoming platform improvements, new content and editions. 

HE Innovate steering group – recommended for all members to join. Here you can have your say on how we take the community forward. You can make suggestions in the group feed on how we can improve functionality, ideas for new content and events and suggestions for new collaborative projects. 

Once you have joined a group you can also tailor your notification settings to receive a group digest by email weekly or daily


For more information and guidance on how to use HE Innovate, please contact ben.hutchens@pearson.com or reach out via the community by tagging @benhutchenspearson via this article or through the community feeds. 

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