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Irish HE Institutions webinar: Identifying and supporting struggling STEM students – a drop in discussion

Irish HE Institutions webinar: Identifying and supporting struggling STEM students – a drop in discussion

28/04/2021 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm


With increasing cohort sizes, remote learning and varying levels of academic skills, being able to identify those students that are struggling is growing increasingly difficult for educators.  
STEM students are arriving at Irish universities unprepared for the academic challenges that await them and the difference from Leaving Certificate level can be a shocking surprise. This theme can then continue into later years of a student’s academic journey. 

Throw into the mix that Irish school leavers don’t follow the same subject specific focus for their chosen undergraduate course as UK learners do, educators are presented with an extremely mixed and diverse cohort with varying needs. 

So, how do educators identify struggling students and what strategies can be implemented to help them transition into university, whilst continuing to support them throughout their entire university experience? 

We will explore these issues through sharing case studies, best practise examples and the strategies used by our panel of guest speakers joining us: 

Eilish McLoughlin:  

Dr. Eilish McLoughlin is an Associate Professor of Physics at Dublin City University, Deputy Head of the School of Physical Sciences and Director of the Research Centre for the Advancement of STEM Teaching and Learning (CASTeL). Her research interests focus on Physics Education, including the development of curriculum, instruction and assessment models in STEM education, at all levels of education, from primary school to PhD level. Eilish is also a member of several international boards in science education, including IUPAP Commisison for Physics Education, European Science Education Research Association, Science on Stage Europe and is co-chair of the Institute of Physics (IOP) in Ireland Education group. 

Evelyn Landers:  

Dr. Evelyn Landers is a Chemistry and Analytical science lecturer and programme leader at Waterford Institute of Technology. Evelyn is THEA’s representative on the chemistry development group of the National Council for Curriculum Development, tasked with reviewing the current Chemistry Leaving Certificate Curriculum. Evelyn also sits on a number of committees, including Department of Science Health & Safety committee, the School of Science Teaching & Learning committee, the School of Science Marketing committee and the School of Science Programme Leaders committee

Dr. Andrew Flaus is Vice Dean for Internationalisation in the College of Science and Engineering, NUI Galway and Principal Investigator in NUI Galway’s Centre for Chromosome Biology, researching chromosome structure and function at the molecular level. Andrew is also a lecturer in Biochemistry, teaching in areas of protein structure-function, contemporary molecular biology techniques and foundation biology. Andrew has an interest in technologies to support student learning and introducing novel international dimensions into student learning experiences.