The Flexible Learning Toolkit course provides a solution to programme / module design issues that were observed during the global Covid 19 pandemic, such as:

  • Lack of flexible staff contact
  • Poorly structured digital modules
  • Challenges around student engagement and independent learning activities
  • Content overload

Drawing on good practice from the different modes of learning, this course will provide you with:

  • A flexible module map
  • A communication plan, and
  • An example digital orientation

In this course, we explore these problems by answering questions posed by the QAA guide ‘Questions to Inform a Toolkit for Enhancing Quality in a Digital Environment’ (2021).

The course draws upon the experiences of students and module leaders across three modes of study; online learning, work-based learning and campus-based learning that transitioned to digital study due to enforced restrictions resulting from the pandemic.

Between February and April 2021, the volunteers recorded a weekly video log (vlog) style reflection. Their insights are woven into the course units to emphasise key points of interest.

This course has 5 units, each with a ‘read’, ‘watch’ and ‘do’ section. The course is self-paced, without peer or tutor interaction, therefore you are encouraged to take the learning back to your institution to discuss in your programme teams. Each unit concludes with a summary section, which contains our recommendations for enhancing flexible module and programme design.

Flexible Learning Observer Focus Group