Blackbullion Futures: helping school leavers make financially informed decisions

To help school leavers make financially informed decisions about their future, we at Pearson have teamed up with the Blackbullion and Bank of England to develop free, financial wellbeing resources for 16-19-year-olds.  

The not-for-profit initiative launched on the 7th of March 2022 to a group of pilot schools who will gain exclusive access to our brand new digital learning and resources around apprenticeships, colleges and universities.  

Why is this needed? 

‘What’s the right next step for me?’ is a question that many school leavers need to answer long before they finish school. When it comes to post-secondary education, a myriad of options have grown exponentially but the funding system has become more complex and an effective education programme around the financial case for each option has been lacking.   

A clear and comprehensive standard outlining the various financial factors to consider when making a decision to go to a university or college or do an apprenticeship is desperately needed. Being introduced to the options available is just one side of the coin – often young people feel unprepared for university or college life.  

In addition, school leavers in high socioeconomic areas are more likely to navigate the post-secondary choices with ease, whilst groups such as care leavers, ‘first-in-family’ and students from low socioeconomic backgrounds often lack the right support. 

Listen to Blackbullion’s CEO Vivi Friedgut talk to Ian King from Sky News about the initiative here.  

What is Blackbullion Futures? 

The platform is live and anyone can sign up here, for free, to access information and resources to help guide school leavers through their post-secondary education choices. 

Students will be able to learn about fees and funding for further and higher education, as well as the financial implications of choosing the path of an apprentice. Parents/guardians have content dedicated to them as well; helping them to support their students’ decision making.  

With financial wellbeing always in mind, online learning focuses on building the financial case for different education and workplace options available to young people in the UK. Engaging videos and comprehensive articles, gamified to make learning enjoyable and stimulating, have been designed to help young people build confidence and aid their decision-making.  

There are resources helping individuals to prepare for upcoming steps, such as learning how to budget, setting up their first bank account, managing a student loan, and how to equip oneself financially for the best life possible.  

The resources will be accessible for free in the platform, to all school leavers in the United Kingdom. By making deliberate, informed, financially-sound decisions young people can take control of their future and combat the odds of social mobility. 

Who is it for?

  1. 16-19-year-olds who are looking to make more informed decisions about their future and all the paths available to them 
  1. Parents/guardians trying to understand the differences and opportunities when it comes to selecting an apprenticeship, college, or university. 
  1. School teachers looking for additional resources to support and signpost young people to 
  1. School leaders looking for free, cutting-edge resources 
  1. University outreach teams looking to provide well-rounded support when it comes to education choices available to young people 

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