We’re delighted to announce that the Pearson HE Innovate Awards will be returning for 2022! We’re excited to be able to recognise and reward the amazing innovation that academics and higher education professionals produce to teach and support their students. 



Share your innovation

We invite colleagues from across the UK and Irish HE sector to submit a short summary of their project or initiative for one or more of the following categories:

Award Categories

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Most innovative approach to developing employability skills 

With the onset of a global recession, how does the project ensure that your students stand out in the crowd? How does the project plug a skills gap? Does the project create opportunities in the curriculum for students to develop work skills and help identify their career trajectory. Examples may include:

Most innovative approach to engaging students using education technology

This award recognises projects that have used innovation to transform their students learning experience using education technology. Projects will need to demonstrate that the technology that is being used is delivering a first-class learning experience to their students. Examples may include:

  • Authentic learning activities supported by technology  
  • Demonstrate leading-edge practice on addressing particular skill or learning gaps  
  • Innovative assessment initiatives using technology
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Most innovative approach to supporting students

This award recognises projects that support students at any stage throughout their university experience – transitioning from school or college into higher education all the way through to graduation and beyond. Your project might demonstrate: 

  • Innovative approaches for supporting students transitioning from school, college or international education, enabling them to thrive, build confidence and achieve academic success.
  • Innovative systems, tools and processes that help to capture struggling students and provide appropriate interventions to ensure they get the support they need.
  • Innovative approaches to creating a more inclusive university experience that supports student wellbeing and belonging 
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Most innovative approach to bringing inclusivity and sustainability into the classroom  

This award recognises projects that bring EDI challenges and sustainability into sharp focus within teaching and learning or as part of the student experience. A commitment to society, community, representation, health, and wellbeing for all students is more important than ever. Projects will need to demonstrate how they have developed practices which address these everyday challenges. Examples may include:

Most impactful use of Pearson digital courseware and services

This award recognises existing Pearson customers who have implemented Pearson digital courseware or services in innovative ways that have achieved marked improvement in student success, engagement and overall enhancement of teaching and learning. Applicable to:

  • Pearson MyLab and Mastering users.
  • Learning Catalytics users.
  • HN Online users.
  • Pearson Simulations (MyStrategyExperience, MyMarketingExperience) users.
  • Revel users.
  • BeyondLabz users.
  • Pearson course design partners.
  • Access to Success customers (Smarthinking Online Tutoring, Conley Readiness Index, Online Learning Units).
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Awards processes

Submission process

You are invited to submit a short summary of your project using the template provided via our HE Innovate Awards submission page. After submitting your project, we recommend that you register for HE Innovate – this is so we can keep you up-to-date with the awards progress. Registration takes approximately one minute.

Please complete and submit your project summary by 15th July 2022 at 11.59pm.

All submissions must be made using the template provided. Any supporting evidence or media can be of any format but must be less than 350MB in size. If you have larger files to send, please contact dan.ramsden@pearson.com and we will find an alternative way for you to submit the file(s).

Judging process

After the closing date for submissions, the Pearson HE Innovate Awards team will begin to long-list submissions for each category. If a submission is a better fit for an alternative category, we will notify the candidate that it has be moved forward for judging. 

All long-listed submissions will be sent on to our designated judging panels for each category. Each judge within the category will independently mark your submission against the agreed criteria and rubric and send back all supporting files and marking evidence to the Pearson HE Innovate Awards Team. We will look to shortlist projects at our judging panel meetings at the end of September where our judges will collectively decide on 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and runners up for each category. 

Announcing winners

All winners and runners up in each category will be notified by email that they have been shortlisted for their category(ies) and invited to our HE Innovate Awards 2022 virtual ceremony that will take place on 8th December 2022. We will also encourage all candidates and other colleagues from the sector to attend and celebrate the success of our winners. 

Terms and Conditions

All projects must be submitted by the 15th July 2022 (by 11.59pm BST) in order to be accepted as an entry to the awards programme. You may change or alter your submission any time up to the deadline. 

Submissions can only be made by representatives of UK and Irish higher education institutions. This also includes post-16 institutions delivering higher education qualifications. In such cases, the project submitted must relate to teaching, learning and supporting students on higher education programmes. 

Submissions to multiple categories will be allowed where appropriate. 

All projects will be long-listed by Pearson before they are shared with allocated judges. 

We encourage all candidates to allow us to share your project summary, via the HE Innovate Awards 2022 forum on the HE Innovate website. This will allow other members to learn about your project and connect with you should they wish to learn more. This is not obligatory and in no way impacts your chances of winning an award. 

Each project will be scored independently by each judge within each category against our judging rubric, which can be found on the HE Innovate Awards submission page. 

Shortlisted winners will be notified by email and encouraged to attend the HE Innovate Awards 2022 Ceremony on 8th December 2022. We will not reveal who the winners are until the HE Innovate Awards Ceremony on 8th December 2022. 

Prizes for winners will allocated as follows: 

1st Prize – £300 Amazon vouchers or donation of the same amount to a charity of your choice, an award certificate and trophy (to be sent post event) 

2nd Prize – £150 Amazon vouchers or donation of the same amount to a charity of your choice, an award certificate and trophy (to be sent post event) 

3rd Prize – £50 Amazon vouchers or donation of the same amount to a charity of your choice, an award certificate and trophy (to be sent post event) 

We do not offer alternative cash prizes. 

Where a submission has been made by a group of individual/ a collaboration, the prize will be sent to the project lead who will distribute across the team 

Project overviews from all shortlisted winners and runners up will be showcased in a post-event publication, with introductions written by our supporting partners. This document will be shared externally and will be available for you to share with colleagues and sector contacts. If you do not want your project to be included, you can opt out via the submission form. 

We will not release scores from all submissions by default. If you wish to know more about how your project was scored, please contact dan.ramsden@pearson.com 

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